Master Thesis

Visualization of differences between EMF models.

GMF compare

GMF compare

Author: Tobias Jähnel
University of Applied Sciences Nuremberg
Instructor: Prof. Dr. Christian Schiedermeier

EMF (Eclipse Modelling Framework) is a framework for creating and storing structured data models. In conjunction with GEF (Graphical Editing Framework) and GMF (Graphical Modelling Framework) it is possible to build model editors in short time. For developing and debugging purposes it would be convenient to see how model has changed over time. The Goal of this Thesis is to create a graphical representation of the differences between two EMF models. It should be based on the output of EMF-Compare and make use of GEF and GMF for display.


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The GMF compare Project

During my thesis I developed a software I call GMF compare. It consists of a Plug-In for the Eclipse Development environment and is based on the components EMF-Compare and GMF. The use of this extension is to compare models for which GMF editors have been defined in a graphical way. More information about GMF compare can be found at The project set for developers is available from here.

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