Open Source

OFS – Working offline with Linux

Have you ever used your notebook outside your office? Bringing the data on the file-server and your notebook into sync is a well known challenge. Microsoft ships their operating systems with a tool called “Offline-Files”. This enables the user to transparently use and synchronize shared files, no matter if the connection to the server is established. Unfortunately the existing solutions for Linux do not fit common needs. The goal of this offline file system to create a filesystem wrapper that sticks between any existing network file system and the user. The layer then serves as a switch between the server, when online, or a local cache, when offline. The OFS has been started as a project at Georg-Simon-Ohm University of applied sciences Nuremberg. Along with Carsten Kolassa and Frank Gsellmann I developed the base for this filesystem. At the moment Frank Gsellmann implements the synchronizer as well as a graphical user interface as part of his Master Thesis. The idea of the file system came from Dr. Peter Trommler, professor at the university named above. In my Diploma Thesis (german only) I did some research at existing offline filesystem solutions for Linux and gave some thoughts about how one could implement such a filesystem. If you are interested in OFS or want to participate, have a look at the project website at sourceforge:

Graphical comparison of EMF models in Eclipse

Models are various in software engineering. They are often used to structure data or even to model algorithms. When models change over the time, differences should be displayed in a convenient manner. With the introduction of graphical modellers, the wish arises, that differences should also be displayed in a graphical way. In my Master Thesis I developed a prototype for differencing EMF models, for which a GMF model has been defined. For further information see: