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Useful rope knots (Material for Training-Of-Trainers session)

February 6, 2014 - 11:35 pm

This is the digital handout for the students which took part at my training session

Useful rope knots

This 30min session was my assignment for the Training-of-Trainers course 2014 provided by ICTI.

The knots in this short list are some of the most useful ones for the daily life.
All of them can be performed if only one end of the rope in question is loose.

Simple knot that forms a fixed loop at the open end of a rope.
It can be used to hook the rope onto a post, hook or similar.

Backhand hitch
The open end of the rope wraps around a pole and tightens to it.
It can be used to tie a rope to a handrail or beam.

Sheet bend
Used to tie two ropes together on their open ends. It can also be used if the ropes have different diameter.

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