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Multimedia presentations with Raspberry Pi

September 29, 2013 - 11:11 pm

I just realized that time has gone so fast and my last technical posting was ages ago.

My german blog readers know that I’m on a sabattical at the moment. I’m working for WEC International UK and support  – among others – the communications department. Today I want to share one of my projects with you.

You probably have heard about Raspberry Pi. A small credit card sized computer developed in UK.
WEC wants to use it for their presentation at exhibitions consisting of a collection previoulsy produced Audio and Video content played in a loop.

It is quite easy to run such presentations on a Raspberry PI. At the moment we use Pi Presents, a set of python scripts created by Ken Thompson which serves all sorts of kiosk computing such as interactive video/image presentation.

Some months ago I prepared a Raspberry Pi with Pi Presents as well as some scripts around it to…

  • … download a multimedia show from a server when the system boots – rsync based
  • … run the multimedia show right after booting the system – no user interaction needed
  • … check every minute for an updated show, download and run it

Pi Presents has a lot more features than we actually need and thus the application to put shows together is too complicated for the users at WEC.
I’m now in the progress of developing an AJAX based Web-Interface that allows for easy creation of shows consisting of slides and videos as well as publishing them to the associated Raspberry Pi.

The software is available on github:

I used this project to take some time for learning and adopting new technologies such as jQuery.

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