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CCC – first day over

December 28, 2011 - 4:55 pm

My first impression of the congress was just a bit amusing.

On any other conference you would be handed a leaflet or something, containing the schedule, locations and all necessary information. This congress is different. After entering the conference hall you are completely lost.
The walls are full of scattered information that do not mean much for me, but I was searching for a schedule without avail..

Some of the rooms are named with letters and numbers, the talk rooms are just numbers and there are no direction signs at all. Some rooms have additonal internal names which are not posted on the schedule but are more visible on the door than the others.

The only source of some information is the wiki (also lacking a map). But it is really hard to get connection to the Wifi and the wiki was half of the first day down.

Well, this gently reminds me of the sources I have to read and change all the time. Noone can deny what kind of people organized this conference. ;-)
But since I’m a software developer myself, I found ways to get acquainted with this code – sorry – conference.

Nevertheless, the talks where really great and exceeded my expectations. The main topic seems to be data security as well as surveillance. The session about the “Bundestrojaner” was fun as well as very informative. The group who analysed this piece of software gave an insight into their findings compared with the current legal situation.
They showed some of the history of the “Bundestrojaner” and proved why popular statements of politicians regarding this topic are obviously wrong.

Some talks also showed some really huge problems rising with surveillance and shows how they are already practice in germany.

Another presentation went into some opposite direction.
It was about how can you guess the spoken words in a Skype conversation without hacking the connection just by profiling the packet lengths. Eavesdropping at a very new level.

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