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Typo3 – my recommendation

June 4, 2010 - 3:46 pm

Typo3 Backend

Typo3 Backend

A few weeks ago I finished my first website based on the Typo3 CMS. The page of CJB (Christian Youth-alliance in Bavaria), which I took over webmaster position several years ago needed a complete redesign and in conjunction with this I decided to apply a content management system.

I’ve taken some time zu evaluate some others like Joomla!, CMS Made Simple and Redaxo but eventually got stuck with Typo3. I must admit it’s not that fast to learn but once you got the overall concept (and this is enough) you have a very powerfull system.

The software design of Typo3 is one of the clearest I’ve ever seen. Everything seems monolithic to me and it’s extremely easy to make it doing what you want. (more…)

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